Drawpile & Live Streaming

"daed eht esiar!" - Necro-bird

Some more drawings, the original was done during a group drawing session on an online program called Drawpile.

Drawpile is a free collaborative drawing program that allows multiple users to connect online and sketch on the same canvas. The program has all the basic functionalities of common drawing programs like Sai or Photoshop such as layers with various colour modes, Brushes (Although not as robust as these programs they allow colour blending, opacity & hardness), Tablet and cintiq pressure support. For a free program all these features work great and the default brush settings work well too. The only improvement that could be made is the selection tool is a bit wonky at the moment, resulting in some distortion when scaling, as well as no option to scew/warp or rotate a selection.

These are very small problems on an otherwise great program and awesome experience with friends.

I liked so much I inked and coloured it during a livestream later on, still a few technical difficulties and not sure if my poor Australian internet is up to it but was a chill experience.