Fantastic Express (Honours 2016)


The animated component of my Honours project. This project was part of a year long course studying Visual communications, Design at the University of Newcastle. 


Please check out The Fantastic Express tab for more details as well as the illustrated component which was critical to its development.

Daniel Johns - Going on 16 [official] MUSIC Video


Featured at 2:54 to 2:59

Daniel Johns' "Going on 16" music video compiles 43 individually animated segments by Newcastle creatives (33 my fellow peers from the University of Newcastle) into one clip, as part of a collaborative project for the Newcastle International Animation Festival. We were given five seconds of footage (approx. 55 guide frames) which which were animated by hand to bring our own twist to the piece.

Yak Tv - Intro/outro sequence


A series of Animated intro and end sequences for Yak Tv, a branch of the University of Newcastle’s acclaimed student media channel, Yak. Yak works to bring stories to the students by a student run team, presenting both information about the university itself, campus life, events, study as well as health and well being, travel and entertainment.

Gif this city

Gif this city


A gif for the Newcastle animation festival's GIF This City Competition featuring Newcastle Art Gallery's Egg Statue. 

(Some) Goats are jerks


An animation about Goats and sheep named Murray who wishes he was one. The piece uses hand-crafted and painted puppets strung with wire along with a stop motion animation technique to create movement. The layered pieces helped to create interesting and dynamic shadows to allow the characters to stand out on the simplistic cutout backdrop.

Showreel 1

Puppet        •        Hand Drawn      •        Rotoscoped

A short gag animation based around the premise of a blind date with the Grimm Reaper. The character of death was inspired by the Grim reaper as well as stylistically Mexican art produced for their day of the dead celebration. The puppets are hand made from layered paper stocks resulting in various textures and bound using wire to allow mobility in the joints.

A transformation pencil-test based on magic girl and evolution sequences from Anime series such as Digimon or Sailor moon.

My section of the Taylor Swift - Shake it off Rotoscope music video. I chose to use vector images to give strong line work to the piece and vibrant colors. The video (now since taken down) recived international fame going viral topping at over 1.2 Million views.


Loop De Loop - april/May 2015 - Empathy


A looping animation for the bi-monthly animation contest, Loop De loop. This was a featured piece on their site and as such was shown at their events worldwide.

The theme of this competition was empathy, and utilizing the loop the premise was quite simple; sharing a drink to help someone out. The cowboy drinking is the same as the one entering and sitting, this creates and interesting duality between the two figures.