Baby Driver - Oozing style for every mile

What to say about Edgar Wright's newest film? How could one possible put what he has managed to achieve both audibly and visually in the piece? Its is no small feat.

Baby Driver is a cinematic marvel; punchy cinematography as well as dynamic and gritty transitions strong and enthralling characters, a stunning soundtrack, and some of the best stunt driving and action sequences in recent memory. All of this is still overshadowed by one thing: the Audio Visual cohesion.

The Audio-visual styling of this film are simply infallible. Every beat of the soundscape match perfectly to actions emotions or dialogue and Wright's pedantic detail to this means the music carries importance and weight, it is not just existing for the sake of checking a box or filling a gap. The Opening sequence does a lot to show this, introducing the story, characters and action in a tight-nit musical set piece. Our protagonist Baby, (That's right, BABY) jamming out in a red Subaru Impreza, blasting "Bellbottoms" instantly gives him an endearing quality that draws us to like him right off the bat. The shift of the gears and slams of the car doors, kicks the scene into gear, showing us a glimpse of the action we can expect with a thrilling and cinematically striking car chase. The shift in pace and tone through this is quick but no means jarring thanks to the masterful handling of audio that extends past this scene throughout the entire film.

There are numerous examples of the audio visual cohesion that makes this movie (the coffee run, the Tequila scene and Baby's Escape on foot) but the whole film uses music not at all as a filler but an equal to visual. The visuals themselves are striking at times, the laundromat scene is quite a great shot with use of colour and pacing. Overall there is brilliant use of framing for both comedic, dramatic and thrilling aspects, superb tracking shots and sweeping & rotating pans, truly a delight to watch.

Some have described it as a action musical It is hard to say more without just showing you the whole film, it is a ride from start to end and I'd strongly recommend! No point in an arbitrary score because I am no film critic but from a design and film background I will say it is in your best interest to see this movie now!


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